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As a child raised in bible-belt Oklahoma, I was discouraged from seeking any spirituality that conflicted with the southern baptist beliefs permeating my world. My intuition told me there was more to the story and I needed to follow my heart.

In spite of the fact that the world around me was soaked in baptist teaching, my grandmother sought psychic readings and utilized traditional playing cards to glean her own intuition on her life.

I soon discovered my grandmother's secret, and she divulged that our family had a long line of psychics, some hidden and some openly practicing throughout our history. When I discovered this, I knew it was time to listen to my heart.

My family moved to Denver, and I began to take classes on Tarot and divination. It was in these classes that I discovered my gift for reading the cards, and I began reading for friends in the summer of 1981. The rest, as they say, is history.

Since that time I have seen thousands of clients, been awarded "Best Psychic in Denver" by  Westword magazine, and have practiced Tarot reading for more than 35 years. I now give classes on the subject, and help others develop their own intuition to better suit their lives.

- IxChel

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