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Have Joy


Another week of being homebound. I've been meditating, getting lots of exercise, and going more inward. As a result, new ideas are coming more easily, which allowed me to create a grid for Manifesting and Desires this week.

Regarding the grid, my goal was to make a triangle (to bring the Mind, Body, and Spirit together). Here are the crystals I used and my intention:

· Amethyst - At the top to connect to the grid. Represents the Source (higher self), to help with the energy of manifestation.

· Green Aventurine – Left. For growth and to assist with new ideas.

· Rose Quartz – Center. To unite with Divine Love.

· Blue Lace Agate – Right. Assists with clarity and confidence.

· Citrine – Bottom Left. Manifests a positive change.

· Herkimer Quartz Diamond – Bottom Center. Assists with having a vision.

· Tiger Eye – Bottom Right. Gives me the strength to accomplish my goals.

Feel free to use this grid to help you achieve your desired results.

This is the perfect time to go within and examine what you may want to create or change. Now is the time to look and see how you might create the life you really want to have.

I'm still walking my dog. One day while we were walking, my dog stopped to sniff the grass in front of someone’s house. As we were standing there, I looked up and saw a woman chasing a man out of the house. The man stops dead in his tracks when he hears my dog Gwen barking at him because he's running. After he stops, he sees me and says “Hi”, and I respond in kind. At that moment, he, the woman, and I, all start laughing because the awkwardness of the situation is hilarious! It was pretty funny when it happened.

I hope everyone is putting some fun into their world. This I hope, because the end goal is Love and Happiness. One of the things I do that brings me happiness, is dance to upbeat music. Perhaps you are doing other things to manifest happiness, like something artistic, or listening to heart-felt music. I know some people are even receiving joy by making face masks. Bottom line, do whatever it is that lets you find some happiness and joy. And if you’re unsure what that is, now is the time to do some soul searching to find your heart’s desire.

Stay safe. Much love. Be happy. Have lots of joy!


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