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Be Present


We can hope for things to go back to some form of normalcy, but there's no guarantee. What the future will bring is truly unknown. So, there's still the need for safety, and trusting your instincts to determine what is best for you. Remember this if you decide to be more mobile – it’s important that you STAY HEALTHY! Especially since there are entities that appear to have nominal concern for people and their health, their main concern being primarily about the economy. And yes, the economy is important and will continue to be negatively impacted if we don’t start circulating money. Lack of spending leads to bigger problems, like disrupting the supply chain and preventing people from getting food and supplies necessary to meet daily needs. Furthermore, it doesn’t hurt to mention that many of the people who help to supply these things are unable to do so because they are still quarantining at home. Needless to say, a balance must be found between public health and stabilizing the economy. It’s difficult to decide who is more right or who is more wrong on this issue, as most people feel strongly about their points of view. However, I say HEALTH is the most IMPORTANT thing. Ask yourself, if you don’t have your health, what can you achieve? Nothing, absolutely nothing. So be aware, and by all means, stay healthy!

I keep talking about Joy because having a sense of sanity in life depends on it. How are you finding Joy in your life? I am constantly reminded that there is Joy in doing simple things, like cooking, riding a bike, singing a favorite song, reading a book, or in my case, walking my dog. During this peculiar time, we MUST be present and intentional as much as possible. Every moment of whatever you are doing should bring you Joy. Of course, there are times when it might not be possible for your current activity to be the most Joyous thing you ever did, but there should still be the ability to find some comfort in your capacity to accomplish the task at hand. Remember, be present and intentional. If you are not enjoying your life, ask yourself, what will bring you Joy? Of course, there’s the chance you may not have an answer to that question. If not, start asking yourself once a day, what am I going to do just for myself, that brings me Joy?

Finally, as always, NOW is a good time to be grateful. Be grateful for your life, and for all the things we tend to take for granted each and every day, things like our health, laughter, and smiles. Always remember how truly blessed you are!

Take care, be safe. Much ❤️.


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