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We as individuals have to decide what's true for us. It appears we will be allowed to go do certain things, like get haircuts or manicures etc. So what I would say to you is, now it’s time to trust your gut. I’ve talk to people who believe that there is no virus, that it’s just false information being fed to us. Conversely, I’ve talked to a friend who has actually had the virus, and know of another friend who has had the virus as well. Therefore, it’s time for you to decide how safe it really is to go back out and start doing things. To be clear, I’m not advising one way or the other. YOU have to trust your gut and be safe! Be responsible for your own being, and allow your higher self to be a guiding light.

On another note, I’m hoping the grid I recently made is helping you with manifestations and looking at what you truly desire. We have had time to go within and see if we like our life as it is, or if there are things we would like to change. In my case, this introspection has made it easier to do Spring Cleaning. Also, I’ve been told some of the kids are having cabin fever, (as well as adults). It has truly been an adjustment for all of us!

I will begin doing remote crystal healings, if you choose to try this healing modality. I am not a doctor, so if you have a medical condition that requires professional care, please consult your medical physician. My belief is ALL healing energy comes from a universal energy Source. If you choose to use the crystal healing modality, you’ll be connecting to this universal Source and tuning to a specific vibration, just as you would tune your radio to a specific station.

When I do readings on the phone without the person being in front of me, remote crystal healings work in the same way. They both deal with connecting to universal Source energy. I activate crystal energy, and that allows the healing effect and subtle vibrations of the crystals and stones to flow to where they are needed. Please let me know if you are interested in crystal healings, and how I can be of assistance to you.

Finally, another way for you to benefit from crystals is to wear them. Additionally, you can place crystals in different areas of your home. For example, you could use Black Tourmaline to wear or place in your home for protection. Also, if you are on the go, you could carry a crystal in your pocket. All of these methods work because you are tuning into the energy of the crystal.

May the Source be with you!


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