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Love is the most powerful energy there is.

There is a collective consciousness of overwhelm right now. Our lives have been changed overnight. The simple things we took for granted have suddenly been taken away. A lot of us don’t know how to feel, even though some of us are feeling ALL the emotions because we are empathic. So, one of the best things we can do, is to take it one day at a time. Or sometimes, it’s taking it one minute at a time, always being present in the moment no matter what. If I’m present in the moment with what I’m doing, it’s not so overwhelming. But if I think past right now into the future, that will cause overwhelm because the future is unknown and unpredictable. That is why being present in the moment helps tremendously! Being present is as easy as going outside and standing barefoot in the grass to connect to Mother Nature, or basking in the warmth of the sun. Doing these simple things allows our body to ground itself and feel peace.

As much as we can, let us focus our attention on the positive. Let us give positive energy to the doctors and scientists by praying and meditating that they find a cure for the virus. The more of us that give positive energy to the cure, perhaps the more quickly a solution can be found.

I am not a doctor. However, I went to the doctor last week and he told me that if food is left in our mouths after we eat, bacteria will grow and the bacteria will attract the virus. Therefore, it is important that after we eat ANYTHING, we brush and floss our teeth. Otherwise the bacteria that we have in our mouths CAN attract the virus, yet another reason we are not supposed to touch our mouths. Thankfully, some of risk can be mitigated if we brush and floss after we eat, possibly eliminating the virus entering our bodies.

Equally important, I have a friend who is a pet psychic. She said, “We should be more aware of how our pets are feeling because they are picking up on our energy. Some pets are afraid they are going to die, especially if we are worrying and uptight when we’re around them. So, if we can make them feel safe and comfort them with love and light, this will help them to also weather this intense energy.”

So remember, LOVE is the most powerful energy there is. Therefore, let us surround ourselves with love and light, our loved ones, the caring knowledge of the doctors and scientists, the powerfully positive consciousness of the world at large, and witness the healing effect all these people and positive energies have on the whole earth.



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